Our team is curating unique digital and physical experiences leading up to the conference. Discover event opportunities below and follow us @RenderATL for additional news & announcements!

May 20th - #RenderRoundTable: Finding Value in Open Source.

May 6th - #RenderRoundTable: Getting the Bag with Techsgiving.

April 22th - #RenderRoundTable: The First-Ever Black Woman Java Champion.

April 15th - #RenderRoundTable: Recruiting & Retaining Black Technologist.

April 8th - #RenderRoundTable: A Jack of All Trades & Managing More.

April 1st - Myths told about Tech

March 9th - How to Land a Software Engineering Job at a Big Tech with Render ATL 7:00 PM EST

Are you looking for a role as a Software Engineer for one of the Big Tech Companies? In this workshop, we will show you how to prepare and what to expect from each stage of the technical interview process.

Included in this class are the types of the questions phone screen, coding challenge, and on-site technical interviews.